Council Organs

Council Organs consists of:


 Speakership of the Council

Council’s Bureau



Speakership of the council:

The Shura Council shall have a Speaker, a Deputy Speaker, who shall be elected through secret balloting, according to the proportional majority, at the first meeting of each annual ordinary session of the Council.


Council’s Bureau

The Council’s Bureau is composed of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and Chairmans of the Committees.




The Shura Council forms, from among its members, within the first week of its annual ordinary session, the following Standing Committees:

  •   The Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee.
  •   The Economic and Financial Committee.
  •   The Services and the Public Utilities Committee.
  •   The Internal and External Affairs Committee.
  •   The Information and Cultural Affairs Committee.


The Shura Council may, according to the exigencies of the work, may form other Ad hoc, or Standing Committees. Each Ad hoc, or Standing Committee may constitute, from among its members, one or more Sub-Committees.

 The Committees shall, after consideration and discussion of each matter referred to them, present to the Speaker of the Council, a comprehensive report on each item referred to them, within 30 days at late, from the date of referral of the issue., unless the Council decides otherwise.
If there are delays in the date of submission of the reports to the Speaker the Speaker shall solicit the opinion of the members of the Council in the first coming meeting. The Council may grant a new date for submission of the reports or may refer the matter to another Committee or the Council will directly take a decision on it.