Responsibilities of the Council

The Shura Council is entitled to practice, discuss and propose number of issues, notably the following responsibilities:

  • Consideration of draft laws and the decrees by law that are referred to it by the Cabinet.
  • Discussion of the general policy of the government on political, economic, and administrative matters.
  • Discussion of the State’s affairs in social and cultural fields in general, that are referred to the Council by the Cabinet, or that have been considered by the Council itself.
  • The Shura Council discusses and approves the draft budget of the main public projects.
  • The draft budget and the final accounts of the Shura Council.
  • The Council follows up the activities and the achievements of the government in all matters, whether the issue is referred to it, by the Government, or the Council addressed it on its own initiation.
  • Addresses questions to ministers seeking answers and explanations from ministers on matters under the competence of the Council.
  • Submits recommendations and expresses opinion to the Government on above mentioned issues.