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Advisory Council Discusses Draft Law to Establish Workers' Support Fund

09 July 2018

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The Advisory Council held Monday its regular weekly session under the chairmanship of its Speaker HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud.

During the session, the council discussed the report of the Internal and External Affairs Committee on the request for general discussion submitted by a number of members on the harm suffered by children of divorced or widowed Qatari mothers and fathers from the siege countries.

The council also discussed the report of the Services and Public Utilities Committee on the increase of shops rentals.

After extensive discussion of the reports, the Council decided to reports to the relevant committees for further consideration.

The Advisory Council continued its consideration of its agenda, discussing a draft law establishing a fund for workers' support and insurance.

Under the draft law a fund named "Workers' Support and Insurance Fund" is to be established, and shall have independent legal personality and budget and will be under the Council of Ministers. The fund's aim is to provide the necessary financial resources to support and insure the workers and to pay their dues decided by the Dispute Resolution Committees.

The Fund's resources include 60% from the official value of issuing and renewing work permits annually and the returns of its investments in addition to donations, wills, gifts and grants accepted by the Board of Directors of the Fund, in addition to the funds allocated by the State.

After the discussion, the Council decided to refer the draft law to the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee for consideration and report thereon to the Council.