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Advisory Council Participates in Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation in Colombo

16 September 2018

  • newsimage

A delegation of the Advisory Council will participate in the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (EvalColombo2018), due to be held in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, on Monday.

The three-day Forum will be held under the theme "Responsible Parliaments Embracing Evaluation for Agenda 2030".

The Forum, the first of its kind for parliamentarians in the field of evaluation, aims at providing the opportunity for development partners, including parliamentarians, to initiate a dialogue on the use of evaluation and making evidence-based decisions within the legislature.

The Forum also aims at promoting demand and use of evaluation by parliamentarians through dialogue and exchange, and finding innovative approaches to tackle sustainable development problems at a global level, as well as providing adequate discussions on the development of stronger monitoring and evaluation frameworks on the basis of evidenced-based decision making and accountability in the government.

Evaluation has an important role as a source of evidence for decision-making on national development and in appraising progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Evaluation provides parliamentarians with robust evidence on the performance of development programs and allows them to both highlight success and to hold governments to account for underperformance.