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Al Mahmoud: Qatar Under HH the Amir's Leadership Will Continue to Support Palestinian People

21 July 2018

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HE Advisory Council Speaker, stressed that the nation is at a historic turning point in the Palestinian cause.

In his address at the 28th extraordinary session of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, HE the Advisory Council Speaker said that the meeting is being held while the processions of martyrs and wounded Palestinians are continue with every peaceful demonstration that moves to tell the occupier about the Palestinians' steadfastness in their claim to their legitimate and historical right to return and to recover their land as well as to express their rejection of the practices of the occupation against the right holders and supporters of the Holy Land, who defend their rights, which are affirmed by all international laws and charters guaranteeing their right to self-determination and establishing their independent state on their land on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

His Excellency stressed that the State of Qatar, under the leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, has been and will continue to support the people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank with determination and sincerity in all their conditions and at all levels until the Palestinian people, under the leadership of HE the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, regain their legitimate rights, in a belief in the brotherhood and Arabism rights and the moral responsibility that requires standing with the right and supporting the oppressed.

HE Al Mahmoud said: "Today, with all the sufferings of our brothers in Palestine and in light of our rupture and the fragmentation of our will, we witness frantic endeavors taking place to eliminate the Palestinian cause; starting from the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Israeli entity, transferring embassies to remove the issue of Jerusalem from any negotiations and subsequent agreements to an unjust siege on the Gaza Strip, an attempt to end and bring down the refugee issue and the right to return and the Israeli parliament adoption of the "nation-state law" that perpetuates discrimination and abhorrent apartheid and undermines the remaining hopes in the peace process and the two-state solution, in an attempt to impose coercive solutions that do not give the Palestinians an independent state or the right to return to their occupied territories land." He stressed that the Israeli occupation is inflicting all sorts of suppression on the Palestinian people, such as collective punishment; economic siege; comprehensive war; imprisonment of children, youth, adults and women; destruction of properties and demolition of houses. HE Speaker of the Advisory (Shura) Council Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud said that the steadfastness of our people and brethren in Palestine over the past seven decades and their adherence to their national and legitimate rights, imposes on us as our duty a strong solidarity with them. He hailed the heroic steadfastness of the children, women, elders and young people of the occupied land, calling for patience in order to achieve victory and peace on the beloved land of Palestine and all the occupied Arab territories. "We are promised a truly divine promise ,with returning the right to its owners, the Jerusalemites in Jerusalem and all its branches who are making series of tournaments in the face of the Israeli most powerful and destructive weapons at a time when many abandoned their support. Humanity has died in the twenty-first century. ", HE Al Mahmoud added.

He stressed that our presence today in this special session, not to repeat positions, but to do something or take action, pays hope in the hearts of our people in Palestine and not words spoken today and fly in the air. tomorrow.

HE Al Mahmoud called for solidarity and not to abandon the values of cooperation, and coordination of efforts and support for Palestinians in the face of injustice and aggression.

"The important question that should be raised at this emergency meeting is what are we doing against this great injustice?, HE Al Mahmoud enquired, adding : "We must know that we would not live and we would not have a role if we give up solidarity and values of cooperation and coordination of efforts in support of our brethren who defend themselves and us, so that they could face injustice and aggression".

He stressed that defending Jerusalem is a legitimate duty, and that standing with the brothers is a support for the first line of our defense of our nation.

He pointed out that those who are unable to carry out this responsibility, should at least stop harming, not to support enemies and stop discouraging the Palestinians from defending their rights.

He added: "We have tried all means including issuance of the UN resolutions since 1947, and then we entered a series of negotiations and the peace process, and we also tried normalization by some countries. What was the result, nothing for Arabs and Muslims, except differences on dealing with the Palestinian issue, if our positions were unified, the situation was different today. ", HE Al Mahmoud noted.

HE Al Mahmoud underlined that our way to achieve what we aspire to is reconciliation and solidarity among our Palestinian brothers, solidarity and cooperation between our nations and between our peoples and our governments.

HE the Speaker of the Advisory (Shura) Council expressed the hope that this meeting would strengthen the parliamentary and Arab support for the Palestinian people and reaffirm all its legitimate rights, foremost of which is the lifting of the unjust siege, the right to self-determination, and the establishment of an independent State on its national soil with Jerusalem as its capital.

HE the Speaker of the Advisory (Shura) Council began his speech by welcoming the participants in his name and on behalf of the members of the Qatari Advisory (Shura) Council delegation to this important meeting. He expressed his thanks to HE Ali Abdel-Aal, Chairman of the Arab Parliamentary Union, and HE Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanim for calling for holding this session, as well as the Secretariat of the Union of the Arab Parliament for the invitation to participate in this meeting and the good preparation for it.