HE Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al-Sulaiti

HE Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al-Sulaiti
Deputy Speaker


.She has co-authored and tested many textbooks, and prepared a number of research, studies and report

.Participation in many seminars, conferences, educational workshops regionally and internationally, and many training courses

  .Participation in the preparation of several national strategies

. Participation in the preparation of several national reports related to human rights


Awards and Honors 
  .Best Coordinator Award for Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Academic Performance at the level of the Gulf States in 2004 and 2009
. Won the Arab Education Bureau award for the best educational projects (Educational Values Program 2010)
. Medal from the Sixth Conference on Women and Social Responsibility in the Arab Countries
. Honor from the Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture
. She received the L'Oréal Prize from UNESCO
.In addition, she received many honorary shields and local and foreign certificates of thanks and appreciation


 Arabic (native)  


 Work experience 

.Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council since 2021 

She worked in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a teacher, then as an educational researcher, then head of the Curriculum Department, then Director of the Educational Planning and Follow-up Unit, then Director of Cultural Relations, then Assistant Director of the Evaluation Authority, then Director of the Evaluation Authority.

She obtained her doctorate degree with distinction in 2001.

She contributed to authoring several textbooks, as well as preparing a number of published research and studies, participated in preparing several strategic plans for the state, and contributed to the preparation of international reports in the field of human rights.

She participated in many local, regional and international conferences and seminars.


. Member of the Office of the United Nations Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union
. Ambassador of the Foundation for Women's Political Leaders
. She is one of the founders of the Scientific Excellence Award, and she is the CEO of it
. Member of the Committee of Trustees of the State Appreciation and Incentive Awards from 2014 to 2019
  .National Coordinator of Education for All 2030 since 2015-2021
. Vice-Chair of the ALECSO Executive Council, member of ISESCO Executive Council since 2014-2021
. Member of the award committee of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States for several courses
. Chair of the Committee for Activating the Cooperation Agreement between the State of Qatar and UNESCO for the Junior Professional Officers Program 2015-2021