Shura Council Participates in a Workshop to Prepare Arab Guiding Draft Law to Combat Violence Against Women

01 February 2022

The Shura Council participated in the workshop for the preparation of the draft Arab guiding law to combat violence against women, organized by the Arab Parliament today, via video conference technology.

The Shura Council was represented in the event by HE member of the Council Sheikha bint Yousuf Al-Jufairi.

The workshop sessions dealt with a host of issues related to the reality of legislations pertaining to combating violence against women in Arab countries (gains and challenges), problems and challenges facing the applying and enforcement of legislations aimed to combat violence against women, ways to address them, and elements that must be available in the aforementioned draft law.

In a speech, Sheikha bint Yousuf Al-Jufairi, reviewed the efforts, plans and strategies of the State of Qatar aimed to protect and care for women within the family, preserve their dignity and prevent any discrimination against them or any harm perpetrated against them.

HE Sheikha Al-Jufairi explained that, Qatari women have been given the capabilities and aids that provided them with many benefits that contributed to their protection and empowerment, noting that the Qatari family receives great attention from the state that enhances the status of women in society.

She referred to the importance of civil society organizations and research institutions concerned with family care and women empowerment in spreading awareness and contributing to finding solutions to prevent domestic violence, and the importance of involving them in efforts to prevent its occurrence.

Skheikh Al-Jufairi underlined the need for the Arab guiding law to combat violence against women to focus on means of preventing domestic violence more than on punitive legislations.

"Rather, we can replace the penalties by rehabilitating the perpetrator of violence by applying behavioral, religious and moral reforms and subjecting him to training in resolving marital disputes and appropriate awareness to live in safety and stability".