Committee Concerned with Internal Regulations of Shura Council Holds Meeting

02 February 2022

The committee concerned with developing the internal regulations of the Shura Council held a meeting on Wednesday headed by HE Chairperson of the Committee Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al Marri, in the presence of HE Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al Sulaiti.

During the meeting, the committee discussed some details related to the segments of the internal regulations of the Council, as well as the technical and legal aspects of the regulations, making sure that it is comprehensive and meets the requirements of the Council's work in accordance with the powers granted to it by the Constitution.

Article 97 of the Constitution states that the Shura Council shall make regulations governing its internal order and conduct of business, the work of committees, the organization of sessions, procedural and voting rules and all functions stipulated in this Constitution.

The regulations shall determine disciplinary penalties for any members violating orders, or failing to attend sessions of the Council or committees without acceptable reason; and the aforementioned regulations shall be issued by law.