Shura Council Participates in 7th Meeting of Gulf-European Parliamentary Committee

04 May 2023

The Shura Council participated Thursday in the seventh meeting of the Gulf-European Parliamentary Committee, which was held virtually.

During the meeting, the committee discussed means of cooperation and coordination between the Gulf councils and parliaments and the European Parliament, with regard to a number of files; Including: water and food security,water desalination technologies, energy transitions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and the impact of the (COVID-19) pandemic on Gulf-European parliamentary cooperation, in addition to reviewing the prospects for cooperation between the GCC and EU countries to facilitate medical supplies to prepare for future pandemics.

Addressing the issue of human rights, the representatives of the Gulf parliaments stressed the need to reconsider the statements and decisions issued by the European Parliament related to the Arab Gulf states, and discussing the joint cooperation program for the period 2022-2027, which was approved at the joint ministerial meeting between the foreign ministers of the GCC and the European Union in Brussels, in addition to discussing ways of joint coordination with the European Union countries to stimulate tourism in the GCC countries.