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Ending energy poverty

07 April 2019

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Parliamentarians participating in the 140th General Assembly of IPU, stressed that developing countries need substantial support and facilities from governments to combat poverty in the field of energy and achieve sustainable development needed for peoples.

The Parliamentarians pointed out during a discussions on “Ending energy poverty through access to renewable energies and inclusive public policies” that the various energies surrounding human beings need to be exploited through technology and funding from the competent authorities to produce and use them as required.

For his part the moderator of the session, Alessandro Motter said "Millions of people overall the world are suffering from poverty in the field of various energies, despite their rich existence in most countries, but it is difficult to utilize them in particular in some developing countries”.  He added that “Energy is not limited to oil, but also exist in air, water and other sources”. He stressed that developing countries, whether in Africa or other continents, have easy access to energy, but to make that possible there is a need for production facilities. Motter called on governments to provide means of exploiting these energies to lift millions of people out of poverty in the field of energy.