Draft Internal Regulations of Shura Council Completed

07 June 2023

The committee for drafting the internal regulations of the Shura Council on Wednesday finished preparing the draft regulations, after convening several meetings under the chairmanship of HE Chairman of the Committee Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al Marri.

The committee is scheduled to submit the draft to the Shura Council for consideration, in preparation for its approval.

The Shura Council formed the said committee in the first session. During 24 meetings, the committee developed the internal regulations of the council, which regulate the work of the Council and lay down the frameworks for the mechanism for exercising its competences, in accordance with the powers established in the Constitution and relevant laws.

Article 97 of the Constitution stipulates that the Shura Council sets its internal regulations, while Article 32 of Law no. 7 of 2021 regarding the Shura Council stipulates that the Shura Council's internal regulations issued by Law no. 6 of 1979 referred to shall apply to the elected Shura Council, until its internal regulations are issued and enforced.

Accordingly, the Council mandated the committee to draft its internal regulations and the committee has been keen on preparing the draft regulations in a comprehensive and integrated manner.