Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council to QNA: Qatari Legislation has Strengthened Status of Women, Emphasized Values of Equality

08 March 2022

HE Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al Sulaiti said that the Qatari legislative system has strengthened the status of women and emphasized the values of equality.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of International Women's Day (IWD) corresponding to March 8, Her Excellency stressed that the permanent constitution of the State affirms these values in at least four constitutional articles, as Article 18 stresses the pillars of justice, benevolence, freedom, equality and good morals, Article 19 affirms equal opportunities for citizens, Article 34 stipulates equality in public rights and duties, and Article 35 stresses that people are equal before the law and that there is no discrimination between them on the grounds of gender, origin, language, or religion.

HE Deputy Speaker pointed out that laws and legislation came at an accelerating pace to translate these constitutional articles and lay the foundations of equality so that women today become partners in decision-making after they assumed leadership positions in various legislative, executive, judicial and diplomatic institutions, which is a translation of a clear vision and a wise approach to exploiting energies for the sake of the country's progress and renaissance without discrimination.

Her Excellency noted that what distinguishes the Qatari experience is that compatibility and integration between the roles that women play in society while preserving their original values and traditions, in addition to the fact that these roles have never been the subject of bargaining, controversy, or a point of tension and conflict.

Her Excellency added that this harmony is due to the wise leadership's absolute belief in the role of women, in addition to the belief of the Qatari woman herself in her role and her absolute confidence in her abilities and potentials in various fields of development, while motivating her to work, innovate and achieve alongside men.

The State is working to implement all international agreements that aim to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, with full respect for the teachings of our true religion, and a commitment to our history and heritage, which honors women and respects their legitimate rights, HE stressed.

On March 8 of each year, the world celebrates International Womens Day, which comes this year under the slogan 'Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,' in recognition of the contributions of women and girls around the world in leading the adaptation, mitigation, and response to climate change to build a more sustainable future for all.