Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Calls for the Protection of the Palestinian Women

08 December 2023

The Shura Council participated in a round table on the Arab declaration for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, organized by the Coalition of Women MPs from Arab Countries to Combat Violence against Women. The round table took place through on Zoom last night, Thursday.

The council was represented by HE Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al Sulaiti, in partnership with Arab women parliamentarians from various legislative councils in Arab countries.

Her Excellency highlighted the necessity of protecting Palestinian women from all types of violence, oppression and humiliation by the Israeli occupation forces in the occupied lands.

Her Excellency noted that the occupation entity is committing crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and brutal assault on the Palestinian brothers resulted in the martyrdom, injury, and forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of them. Her Excellency added that women and girls represent the majority of these victims, stressing the urgency of immediate ceasefire and stopping the seizure of the Palestinian land with force to establish settlements.

The Deputy Speaker of the Council said that it this table is supposed to be dedicated to discussing the situation of the Palestinian women only, in addition to the role of women parliamentarians during the current conditions and unprecedented Israeli aggression in modern times on Palestinian women in particular and the Palestinian people in general.

Her Excellency concluded by making a number of recommendations, including the visit of a delegation from the coalition to the European Parliament.

In this respect, the participating women parliamentarians discussed also the possibility of visiting the US Congress, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Arab League, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in their efforts to advocate for Palestinian women, stop all forms of violations and violence committed by the occupying entity in front of the world, and issuing a statement in support of the Palestinian women that is translated to most languages.

They also emphasized the urgency of International Organizations mobilization in order to protect the Palestinian women and holding Israel accountable for its crimes committed daily against unarmed Palestinian people. They stressed the rejection of the free world people to these crimes and that they stood with the right of Palestinians as well as demonstrating in support of them and against the Israeli aggression all over the world.

The Coalition of Women Parliamentarians from Arab Countries to combat violence against women is a non-profit organization from a number of Arab countries: Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco.