Shura Council Wraps-Up Preparations for Hosting 10th Conference of Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments

10 September 2023

The Shura Council completes its preparations to host the 10th Conference of Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, which kicks off on Tuesday and lasts for two days with the presence of 80 participants of Secretaries-General, parliament representatives, and legislative councils in addition to a number of representatives of Arab parliamentary organizations and unions.

The conference will review a number of reports on the association's work, its financial budget, and future activities.

The agenda will also include the 43rd general assembly meeting and a workshop on digital democracy and social communication and the role of parliaments in strengthening them.

During the conference, the participants will continue discussing a number of issues, including powers of the secretaries-general and issuing a guide for the association, in addition to considering the results and recommendations by the committee discussing and studying amendments to the association's internal regulations and the committee studying proposals and recommendations related to issuing a guide to powers of the secretary-general in Arab parliaments in preparation for its approval.

Ahead of the 10th conference of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, the 39th meeting of the association's executive committee is scheduled to be held.

In his statement marking the occasion, HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council and President of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Fadala stressed the significance of the conference and its outputs to enhance the parliamentarian work.

His Excellency underscored Qatar's persistent keenness to promote Arab cooperation and solidarity and its support for Arab organizations and institutions in various sectors, including parliamentarian organizations, in a way that serves the Arab peoples and achieves their aspirations.

For his part, HE Vice President of the Association of Secretaries General of Arab Parliaments Ahmed Manna stressed that the association seeks to enhance and develop joint Arab parliamentary work, strengthen their role at the level of Arab parliaments, and exchange experiences among them.

His Excellency said that parliamentarian practices differ from one country to another according to the parliamentarian traditions, the number of members, and the rules governing these parliaments. Consequently, exchanging expertise benefits all parts, which is what the association is working on in the upcoming period, pointing out that the association's conferences are in that direction.

The State of Qatar, represented by the Shura Council, holds the presidency of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, as HE Secretary-General of the Council Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Fadala was elected president of the association on the sidelines of its meeting in Cairo on February 2022.

The Kuwait-based association contributes to improving Arab parliamentary work and coordinating Arab positions on various issues and topics.