Asian Parliamentary Assembly Reiterates Support for Establishment of Independent Palestinian State

11 January 2023

 Asian Parliamentary Assembly reiterated its support for establishment of an independent, sovereign, and contiguous Palestinian state based on 1967 borders - as stated in relevant UN resolutions - with Jerusalem as its capital.
The assembly condemned the illegal settlement activities, demolition operations and the grave violations against the international law and human rights.
This came in the declaration that was issued at the end of 13th Plenary Session: "Promoting Multilateralism in the Changing Global Dynamics" held in Antalya, Turkey, with the participation of a delegation from the Qatari Shura Council.
The Antalya Declaration underscored the importance of the multi-lateral system in protecting the international law, international humanitarian law and the internationally-agreed rules, agreements and institutions, in addition to maintaining and advancing them.
It stressed on the importance of reforming and updating the existing institutions to optimize the decision-making process at the international level, as well as boosting political, economic, trade, social and cultural cooperation among the member states.