Shura Council Discusses "National Identity and Values"

13 February 2023

The Shura Council held its regular weekly session on Monday, in "Tamim bin Hamad Hall", headed by HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim.

At the beginning of the session, the Council expressed its sincere condolences and sympathy to the brotherly Syrian and Turkish peoples, for the victims of the earthquake that struck several areas in the two countries, expressing solidarity with them in these difficult circumstances, asking God Almighty to give the families of the victims patience and solace, and to grant the injured a speedy recovery.

After that, the Council reviewed, during the session, the report of the Cultural Affairs and Information Committee on "Promoting National Values and Identity in Society". After extensive discussions of the conclusions of the report, the Council decided to submit a proposal to the esteemed government on the aforementioned subject.

Commenting on the report, HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim emphasized the important role of religious values, family upbringing, and the educational environment in promoting the sound values of society.

His Excellency added, "The mosque represents the first school in promoting and preserving the values of young people from the causes of corruption and alienation, and promoting the religious values of society as a whole, while majlises, in addition to following prominent societal models, play an important and pivotal role in refining the personality and translating the lofty religious values that the individual carries to be reflected in his behavior, appearance and actions."

As part of their interventions during the discussion of the report, Their Excellencies the members of the Shura Council focused on a number of axes, procedures and measures that will contribute to strengthening national values and identity.

They emphasized the necessity of issuing a national document of national values and identity at the state level, as a comprehensive reference for all official and unofficial bodies that have a role and influence on national values and identity.

They pointed out the importance of having a long-term strategy to promote national values and identity in its various dimensions, in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030, and the need to include national values and identity as a subject in national universities.

The members of the Council stressed that consolidating national values and identity would build a strong society armed with religious and moral values, stressing in this context the need for concerted efforts by all parties to achieve that goal.

Their Excellencies the members of the Council touched on the importance of the role of the family and the school in promoting the values of society, pointing to the centrality of a sound Islamic upbringing and the established principles of our religion in the formation of a personality that adheres to its identity and character.

They also alerted at the same time to the importance of monitoring and follow-up, whether at the family level, or through laws and legislation that must address such phenomena.

After that, the Council reviewed a draft law regulating fishing ports, which was referred to it by the esteemed government, and decided to refer it to the Public Services and Utilities Committee for study and submission of its report thereon to it.

Their Excellencies the members also reviewed the report of the Council's participation in the international symposium held in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, in July of last year under the title "Sovereignty and food security between the challenges of the global economy and the challenges of strategic security".

The report included a presentation of the most important themes of the symposium, including the challenges facing achieving food security, the efforts that must be made to address the food crisis, and the role of parliaments in providing an advanced legislative structure to address this problem.

On the other hand, the Council approved requests to extend the work of a number of its committees, including a request to extend the work of the Internal and External Affairs Committee to study the issue related to the European Parliament's decision on human rights in the State of Qatar within the framework of hosting the World Cup.

The Council also approved a request to extend the work of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee to study a draft law issuing the Judicial Authority Law, a draft law to issue the Public Prosecution Law, and a request to extend the work of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee to study a draft law on regulating real estate registration.

At the end of the session, HE Speaker of the Shura Council briefed the council on the results of his participation in the work of the 5th Arab Parliament Conference, which was held last Saturday in Cairo.

HE Speaker of the Shura Council referred to the statement included in his speech during the conference on the efforts of the State of Qatar in the field of food security, and its relentless endeavor to support international efforts to promote sustainable development and food security in the least developed countries, and his emphasis on the importance of strengthening joint Arab action in this field.

In a related context, His Excellency referred to the document approved by the conference, titled "Parliamentary Vision for Promoting Arab Food Security", which will be submitted to Their Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses, leaders of Arab countries during the fifth session of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, which will be held this year in Mauritania.

HE Speaker of the Shura Council also pointed out that the conference witnessed the display of a documentary film about the State of Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, highlighting its efforts to organize an exceptional edition of the tournament, and its keenness to highlight Arab and Islamic values.

His Excellency stated that the speeches of the heads of Arab councils and parliaments at the conference included broad praises for those efforts.

In their closing statement, they also congratulated the leadership and people of the State of Qatar on its success in hosting and organizing an exceptional tournament, stressing that it represented a source of pride for all Arab countries, and demonstrated Qatar's ability to host and organize major sporting events.

On the other hand, HE the Speaker of the Shura Council touched on the Council's preparations to participate in the State's Sport Day, tomorrow (Tuesday), stressing the importance of everyone's participation in this sporting event.

His Excellency stressed the importance of engaging in the various activities that will be held on this day, indicating the importance of sport in promoting the health of society, which reflects positively on all aspects of life.

His Excellency called on all citizens and residents to seize this opportunity to make sport a priority and a continuous lifestyle that is practiced regularly throughout the year.