Internal Regulations Committee Chairperson to QNA: Approval Marks New Phase in Shura Council's March

14 June 2023

HE Shura Council Member Dr. Ali bin Fetais Al Marri, who chairs the committee for drafting the Council's internal regulations, said Wednesday that the Council's approval of the draft internal regulations marks the beginning of a new phase in its march.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), His Excellency noted that the committee, during several meetings it held since the start of the first session of the council, made sure that the articles of the regulations are in line with the constitution, meet the work requirements of the first elected Shura Council, and are flexible and sustainable for the next councils.

In this context, His Excellency praised the efforts of the committee members and all members of the Shura Council for the discussions, interventions and wise opinions they presented during three plenary sessions, two of which were extraordinary, that sought to finalize the draft regulations consisting of 241 articles in eight chapters.

Given the great importance of its internal regulations, the Council held two extraordinary sessions in order to discuss the articles and chapters of the regulations, exchange views on them, and ensure that they are compatible with the articles of the constitution, HE said.

HE voiced hopes that the new regulations of the Shura Council would establish a new stage in supporting and strengthening the work of the supervisory and legislative council and meeting the aspirations of all its members in a way that meets the aspirations of citizens and achieves the supreme interest of the country under the leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.
HE Shura Council Member and member of the committee for drafting the regulations, Dr. Sultan bin Hassan Al Dhabit Al Dosari, told QNA that the Council's approval of the draft regulations today represents an important historical stage in the Shura Council's march.

The Council's current regulations, which are in effect for over 40 years, needs to be changed given the huge changes in all aspects of life and the need for development, HE said, voicing hopes the new regulations would go in line with the requirements of the stage, on top of which the aspirations of the elected council.

HE praised the efforts and great experiences of the members of the committee, expressing his delight to be one of them. HE also hailed the Council's sessions that saw Their Excellencies the Shura Council members exchanging views regarding the draft regulations, which led to crystallizing the project and directing it in the correct manner that the Council aspires to.

HE member of the committee, Khalid bin Ghanim Al Ali, said that the internal regulations of the Shura Council are of great importance in that they include the internal system and the method of workflow in the Shura Council.

HE added that the committee was keen, during several meetings, to ensure that the list is comprehensive, integrated, and compatible with the requirements of the elected Shura Council, with its flexibility and sustainability as a solid foundation for the future.

HE also indicated that the draft internal regulations represent the fruit of the efforts of the committee and all members of the Council who were very keen for the regulations to be a basis through which the Council exercises its powers stipulated in the constitution.