Egyptian Speaker to QNA: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is a Source of Pride for All Arab Countries, Peoples

14 December 2022

HE Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Arab Republic of Egypt, extended his sincere congratulations to the State of Qatar on the occasion of its impressive organization of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, affirming that the Arab countries have potentials to make such major tournaments a success.
In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), His Excellency said that he would like to congratulate the State of Qatar for this impressive success in organizing the World Cup which is a source of pride for all Arab countries and peoples, adding there is no doubt that the Arab countries have potentials for successful organization of major global forums. "So, congratulations to the State of Qatar for its success in organizing this major global event." HE the Egyptian Speaker described the defamation campaigns against the State of Qatar as "systematic" and that they express the desire of some to downplay any Arab success, pointing out that such campaigns can only be answered by showing more will and determination to achieve success, which is what the State of Qatar did during its organization of this edition of the World Cup.
His Excellency pointed out that these campaigns contradict the essence of the international action system, which is basically based on promoting the principles of pluralism, diversity and participation among all countries, including organizing international events to support building bridges between peoples and promote civil and cultural exchange.
In this regard, he explained that the approach of criticizing Arab countries and developing countries in general when they host global events contradicts the goals of international cooperation, and carries with it seeds of sowing discord among peoples, adding, "We in Egypt always urge international partners to examine themselves and avoid such destructive behavior." On the importance of this edition of the World Cup, HE Counselor Jabali noted that this edition of the World Cup has a unique symbolism for the Arab world, as it is the first one to be held on Arab soil, stressing that Qatar's organization of the World Cup really carries with it a unique opportunity which is introducing all peoples to the ancient Arab culture, and removing any misconceptions about the Arabs.
This edition of the World Cup would be a turning point for correct information about the ancient Arab values and civilization, he said, adding it comes in light of crises affecting the international system, thus contributing to the reduction of civilization conflicts between East and West and between North and South. By this, it strengthens endeavors to find a common space for the various regional and global powers on Arab soil, he said. 

HE the Egyptian Speaker termed the Egyptian-Qatari relations as "historic" and are witnessing a positive momentum at all levels, adding, the Egyptian-Qatari relations are on the right path now and there is a sincere will from the leaderships in Egypt and Qatar to advance them to broader horizons.
His Excellency stressed that the Egyptian-Qatari parliamentary relations are based on the principles of fraternity, Arabism and integration, noting that they are a true reflection of the fraternal relations between the Egyptian and Qatari peoples. He said that this is what they are seeking now by strengthening the frameworks of Egyptian-Qatari parliamentary cooperation and this was the focus of discussions with the Speaker of the Qatari Shura Council.
In his interview with QNA, HE Dr. Jabali highlighted topics and files he discussed with HE the Speaker of the Shura Council, saying that he and HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim discussed ways to strengthen Egyptian-Qatari relations at all levels, especially in the parliamentary level. 
To activate institutional framework for Egyptian-Qatari parliamentary cooperation, he said, they signed a cooperation protocol between the Egyptian House of Representatives and the Qatari Shura Council on many frameworks and mechanisms to enhance Egyptian-Qatari parliamentary cooperation as well as coordination between the two councils in all international and regional forums regarding issues of common concern.
Regarding how to strengthen mechanisms for coordinating positions in parliamentary and international meetings, His Excellency said that the world is going through very serious international challenges, which requires us as Arabs to come together and stand like a compact structure that strengthens each other, noting that recently there has been an increase in the importance of parliamentary diplomacy as an effective mechanism to contribute to facing the aforementioned international challenges, which necessitates in this context to activate the role of Arab parliamentary diplomacy.
He said that at the Egyptian-Qatari bilateral level, several frameworks were agreed upon to exchange and formulate common visions on issues of common concern in international and regional parliamentary forums.
Responding to another question on the possibility of developing a unified Arab vision for parliamentarians and members of legislative councils to advance joint Arab action and overcome current challenges, HE the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Arab Republic of Egypt said parliamentarians are the representatives of peoples and their free platforms, so there is a great importance for their role in addressing pressing Arab issues, and hence Arab parliaments must push joint Arab parliamentary action towards unifying visions on Arab issues.
He said that there are already tireless efforts by Arab parliaments and Arab parliamentary organizations in international parliamentary forums, such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union in this regard, noting that the Arab Parliamentary Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union plays an active and effective role in defense of Arab issues, but he said there is a need for more parliamentary coordination so that the voice of the Arab peoples is heard in international forums, stressing that finding a unified Arab parliamentary vision is a goal that everyone aspires to.
He expressed his full appreciation for the attention given to the Egyptian community in Qatar by the Qatari authorities, indicating that there is a mutual understanding between the two brotherly countries regarding all issues related to the status of the Egyptian community in Qatar in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship, respect and fraternity between the two peoples at all levels. 
His Excellency also expressed his deep appreciation and pride in being here in Qatar, while also expressing pride in what the State of Qatar has achieved in organizing this edition of the World Cup.
He reaffirmed that his talks today with HE the Speaker of the Shura Council were fruitful in strengthening and advancing the Egyptian-Qatari bilateral relations in a way that achieves the interests of the two peoples.
At the end of the interview, he sent a message to the effect that the Arab region and the Islamic peoples are going through an unprecedented historical moment during the current stage that includes non-stereotypical challenges, which requires everyone to work collectively towards finding a common vision to face these challenges and get out of this historical juncture in a better way in line with the aspirations of the region. He said that this matter is very necessary and vital for the sake of future generations who rely on us in creating a brilliant and prosperous future full of hope, achievements, science, construction and development.