Shura Council Condemns Aggression on Gaza, Discusses Disadvantages of Using Technology

15 May 2023

The Shura Council condemned the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, and denounced in the strongest terms the repeated crimes against the Palestinian people, considering it a continuation of the policy of the arrogant and aggressive occupying entity against the Palestinians.

This came during the council's regular weekly meeting, which was held at Tamim bin Hamad Hall, under the chairpersonship of HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim.

The council called on the councils and parliaments of the world and the international regional parliamentary unions to take a stance on the aggressive policy of the occupying entity, as well as an action to pressure the occupation to stop the aggression, warning that the series of crimes threaten the chances of achieving peace and expands the cycle of violence.

The Shura Council held the international community responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip, and demanded it to provide protection for the Palestinian people, stressing -at the same time- Qatar's firm position in supporting the Palestinian people until they regain all their legitimate rights and establish their independent state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The council commended the enormous efforts made by HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to stop the Israeli occupation's aggression against the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting, the council reviewed the proposal for general discussion submitted by a number of Their Excellencies members of the council, on the disadvantages of using technology.

Within this context, Their Excellencies Members of the Shura Council stressed that modern technology, its development and rootedness in daily life - despite its many advantages, has become a threat and a haunting challenge, which requires confronting it and developing solutions to reduce the risks it entails.

In this context, members of Shura Council highlighted a few lines that were stipulated in the country's constitution suggesting that: the state takes care of young people, protects them from the causes of corruption, as well as exploitation and the evil of physical, mental and spiritual neglect, and provides them with appropriate conditions for developing their talents in various fields, on the guidance of sound education. In this regard, they affirmed that the excessive use of technology devices and applications has turned into a digital epidemic that afflicts young people, and causes health, psychological, educational and social damage.

Members of the council explained that the misuse of technology has created a digital educational environment as an alternative to traditional education, emphasizing the need for moderation in all matters, while realizing the negative consequences of the excessive use of technology and modern devices.

Based on the role assigned to the Shura Council, its concern for the public interest, and its awareness of the dire consequences of misusing technology, means should be examined to prevent immediate or future risks to the health of society - especially the younger generation, as a result of the misuse of technology.

After extensive discussions, the council decided to refer the proposal for general discussion to its Cultural Affairs and Information Committee for further study before submitting the report in this regard to the council.

Within the session, Their Excellencies Members of Shura Council were presented with a report on the council's participation in a briefing session on youth, peace and security, which was organized virtually in November 2022 by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) as part of its Empowerment Series for Young Parliamentarians.

The Shura Council also approved a proposal to provide its Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee with an extended period to study a draft law regulating real estate registration.