Shura Council Reviews Report on QU, Notes Its Excellence at Academic, Research Levels

17 April 2023

The Shura Council held its regular weekly meeting on Monday at Tamim bin Hamad Hall under the chairpersonship of HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim.
During the session, the Council reviewed the report of the Information and Cultural Affairs Committee on Qatar University (QU), which included a summary of the committee's findings from its study of the responses received from the university regarding the council's inquiries about the educational and academic matters in it.
After reviewing the report and discussing its contents - as the committee hosted a number of the university officials as well as its former academics, Their Excellencies members of the Shura Council praised Qatar University's excellence at academic and research levels, its contribution to providing the labor market with distinguished competencies, its relentless endeavor to serve and support the community and meet its needs, as well as conducting studies and researches that address challenges and support the country's directions in construction and development.
Their Excellencies members of the Shura Council looked forward to a senior role for the university in supporting the national academic cadre by appointing Qatari graduates of QU and other local universities who hold master's and Ph.D. degrees to work in the academic staff as teaching assistants and university professors, without requiring their work in external scientific institutions to support the national cadre and remove obstacles they might face.
The council also reviewed its delegation's participation in the third plenary meeting of the third session of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, held in Cairo in January.