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The Shura Council holds its regular weekly meeting

18 February 2019

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The Shura Council held this morning its regular weekly meeting. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud, the Speaker of the Shura Council. 

At the beginning of the meeting the Council discussed the report of its Public Services and Utilities Committee on the Draft Law on reconciliation of offences provided for in some laws related to municipality and environment. After discussions, the Council approved the Draft Law as amended and decided to submit its recommendations thereon to the esteemed Government. 

The Council then reviewed the report the participation of its delegation in the meetings of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, held in the Canadian city of Halifax. The Speaker of the Shura Council then briefed the Council on his meeting yesterday with a delegation of senior officials from the US Congress. 

H.E. said that during the meeting parliamentary relations between the Shura Council and the US Congress and ways to bolster and develop them were discussed. In addition, the meeting reviewed a number of issues of common interest.

 At the close of the meeting the Council discussed a plan of action for the Qatari parliamentary friendship groups with sisterly and friendly countries after completion of the formation of these groups, according to the wishes and remarks of members of the Council. 

The Speaker of the Council thereafter presented his perception of the method and mechanism of action of these groups and their program of action during the next stage. H.E. stated that organizing regulations for the work of the parliamentary friendship groups will be drawn up, so as to enable them to achieve their goals in strengthening and in enhancing joint cooperation relations between the Council and the parliaments of sisterly and friendly countries.