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Shura Council Hold its Weekly Meeting

20 May 2019

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The Shura Council held today its regular weekly meeting under the chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud, Speaker of the Council.


At the outset the Council began its discussions of the Draft Law amending some provisions of the laws relating to energy. As per the amendment the term the "Minister of Energy and Industry" shall be replaced with the " Secretary of State for Energy" in number of energy-related laws.


After discussions, the Council approved the draft law and decided to submit it to the esteemed Government.


Then the Council discussed the report of its Internal and External Affairs Committee about the Draft Law on Genetic Fingerprint that comes to replace the LAW No (9) of the year 2013 as part of the ongoing process of updating legislations.


The Draft Law, which contains 14 articles provides creation of a DNA database at the Ministry of Interior and shall be attached to the concerned department in the Ministry, and shall be devoted to keeping genetic fingerprints samples identified by law. The Draft Law also prohibits taking the DNA samples or bio trace, or carrying out the DNA test or saving its data in DNA database or using it as evidence or for investigation or trial, except upon a decision of the public prosecutor or the competent court.


The data recorded is the DNA database is confidential, and may not be accessed without authorization from the Minister of the Interior or the Department of Public Prosecutions, or the competent court.


The DNA tests and the data stored in the DNA database are authoritative evidence, unless the contrary is proved, except in lineage provisions set forth in chapter II of Part VI of the Family Code of Law.


In its report, the Committee recommended to mend article (11) of the Draft Law on penalties.


In its report, the Committee recommended to amend article 11 of the draft law on penalties.


After discussions, the Council approved the Draft Law as amended and decided to submit its recommendations to the esteemed Government.


At the end of the meeting, the Council was briefed about the report of its delegation participating in the second conference of the Association of (Parliamentarians for Jerusalem) which was held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey under the theme (Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Palestine).