MoI Announces Winner of Shura Council By-election Candidate

20 December 2023

The Ministry of Interior declared today that candidate Ali Ahmed Saad Al Mansour Al Kaabi, won membership in the Shura Council by acclamation, in the by-elections for District 21 after the withdrawal of the competing candidate.

The Ministry indicated that on the occasion of the announcement of the final list of candidates, and the approval by the Candidates Committee of the waiver request of candidate Abdullah Mohammed Eid Al Hassan Al Kaabi, and in accordance with Article 42 of the Shura Council Election System Law, the only candidate on the final list of candidates for District 21, Ali Ahmed Saad Al Mansour Al Kaabi, became the winner by acclamation for membership of the Shura Council for this district.

The MoI congratulated the winning candidate for membership in the Council, wishing him good luck and success.

The Ministry of Interior had opened the door for nominations in the by-elections for the Shura Council for the 21st electoral district from Dec. 3 to 7.