Shura Council Participates in Meetings of the Permanent Committees of Arab Parliament

21 January 2023

The Shura Council participated in the meetings of the permanent committees of the Arab Parliament, which were held today, in preparation for the third plenary session of the third meeting of the third legislative term of Parliament, which is scheduled for Sunday.

The permanent committees in which the Council participated include the Social, Educational and Cultural Affairs Committee, the Palestine Committee, the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, and the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee.

The Social, Educational and Cultural Affairs Committee reviewed several issues, including the social situation and the protection of societal values in the Arab world, and the establishment of a database of Arab national legislation related to social, educational and cultural affairs, women and youth. A proposal was also discussed regarding the inclusion of school feeding in the budgets of Arab countries, and a review of developments in the preparation of an Arab guiding draft law to combat domestic violence.

The Palestine Committee meeting focused on developments in the situation in the Palestinian territories, especially in light of the practices of the far-right government and its violations against the Palestinian people, and the efforts of the Arab Parliament to support the Palestinian cause, in addition to reviewing the annual report on Israeli violations, which will be presented to the plenary session for approval.

The Economic and Financial Affairs Committee dealt with the issue of preparing an Arab guiding law on promoting investment in the fields of new and renewable energy in the Arab world, in addition to reviewing the economic situation in the Arab countries for the year 2022.

The meeting of the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee reviewed reports on the human rights situation in the Arab world and a draft road map to combat child labor by 2026, and an Arab guiding draft law on protecting privacy and combating digital extortion crimes in Arab countries.

As for the Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security Committee of the Arab Parliament, the committee dealt with the political and security developments in the Arab world during the last period, in addition to discussing the preparation of an Arab strategy on ways to achieve nuclear security in the Arab region, and Arab food security.