Secretary-General of Shura Council: All Preparations Completed to Convene New Session

21 October 2023

HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Fadala asserted that the General-Secretariat of the Shura Council has completed the preparations to commence the third regular session of the first legislative term, corresponding to the 52nd annual session of the Shura Council, slated for next Tuesday.

Addressing a press conference held on the approaching opening of the 3rd session, His Excellency said that the General-Secretariat has taken all measures and preparations for this critical annual event, pointing out that during the two past sessions, the General Secretariat witnessed remarkable progress, in terms of structuring its departments, determining the purviews of departments and equipping them with the qualified national talents to operate in this vital legislative area.

His Excellency noted the privacy of working in this field, as employees have gained a variety of skills, because the council conducts a critical oversight and legislative role, in addition to qualifying them in the field of parliamentary diplomacy.

HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council touched on the efforts undertaken by the General-Secretariat in raising the awareness of public opinion on the critical role the Shura Council is performing, adding that visits have been organized for many entities in the State of Qatar to attend the sessions of the council.

The council's sessions also hosted students and researchers from many educational entities and institutions in Qatar to brief them on the progress of sessions and listen to the discussions held under the dome of "Tamim bin Hamad Hall", which primarily amplifies their knowledge and promotes their awareness of the role of the Shura Council.

With respect to structuring the departments of the General Secretariat, His Excellency outlined that the General Secretariat of the Shura Council has already finalized the process of structuring its departments based on the council's purview.

He indicated that the General-Secretariat offers all kinds of support to streamline the council's work and keep up with various requirements of its work, pointing out that restructuring the departments hinges on work requirements in the council, in accordance with the decision of the permanent constitution of the country.

His Excellency outlined that the structure of the General-secretariat comprises 12 departments, including the office of the experts who contribute to enabling the General-Secretariat to perform its responsibilities, all administrative, financial, technical, and legal works, as well as all works assigned to it and its role in supporting the parliamentary work.

Commenting on the most prominent milestones that have been accomplished at the administrative level during the past two years, His Excellency said the past two years witnessed remarkable progress during which the regulatory structure and the personnel affairs regulations of the General-Secretariat have been approved, in addition to determining the purviews of departments and equipping them with qualified talents to discharge the required functions.

He added that several ample sessions and workshops have been convened to augment the aptitude of employees and keep up with the council's requirements.

HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council added that the progress in the administrative work of the General-Secretariat and the council has led to an increase in the number of the council's employees and women's cadres, noting the developments accomplished in the work of the General-Secretariat of the Shura Council, pointing out that new departments have been created, including the member affairs department which provides the essential support for the members of the Shura Council, in addition to customizing the essential facilities and offices, as well as streamlining the work of the council's committees.

He added that the General Secretariat facilitates the engagements of the council's members in a variety of parliamentary events and supplies them with the required data and information to streamline their participation, along with drawing experts in the field of legislative work to bolster the council's work.

He pointed to the development of the administrative system and the documentary cycle in the work of the General Secretariat and digitizing procedures, whether those related to the administrative work or the work of the council in general, as well as reinforcing their cyber protection and security in the Council.

His Excellency outlined that the operation of the General-Secretariat does not commence with the start of the session and does not halt when the session wraps up, but it is a constant work to undertake all essential administrative works and provide all requirements to ensure that the progress of the legislative process is fully proceeding well.

In his answer to a question on the approval of the internal regulation of the Shura Council, His Excellency outlined that the council has approved the draft internal regulation in its last session, and it is currently completing the relevant legislative procedures.

He touched on the relationship between the council and media, noting the tremendous and pivotal role of media coverage for the council's work, emphasizing that media is a fundamental and effective partner in relaying the transpiring events and raising the awareness of the public opinion regarding the Councils activity and the role assigned to it. In this context, he affirmed the integrity of the relationship between the council and the media which is in a faster-paced evolution through supplying the media with data and information it needs to fully discharge its role.

In a related context, HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council shed light on the contributions of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, which the council chairs, emphasizing that the association has succeeded in its endeavors to bolster the joint Arab action through interacting with regional and international events resulting in earning a wide commendation from the Arab parliaments.

He pointed to the State of Qatar's hosting of the 10th conference of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, held last September under the theme: "Digital Democracy, Social Communication and the Role of Parliamentary Councils in Promoting It," indicating that the conference featured critical and pivotal discussions with respect to the association's work. Also, during the conference, amendments to the association's statute were made in ques of bolstering its role and effectiveness concerning Arab action in general, and the role of secretaries-general in legislative councils, in particular.

In this context, HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council said the conference also discussed and approved the guide to powers of the secretary-general in Arab parliaments, which overtly contributes to promoting the role of secretaries-general and increasing their contribution to the work of legislative councils.

His Excellency emphasized that during the State of Qatar's presidency, the association witnessed tremendous progress in its work with new members joining the association from a variety of Arab parliament organizations which underscores its role in bolstering the joint Arab parliamentary action, and received an increasing confidence from a variety of regional parliamentary organizations which utilized its expertise, culminating in being an observer member in a number of those organizations.

His Excellency aspired to achieve further intended accomplishments by the Shura Council during the third session of the first legislative term, meet the citizens' aspirations, and achieve the highest interest of the country based on what is stipulated in Qatar National Vision 2030, lauding the directives of HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim which had the great role in directing the works of the General-Secretariat.

He also noted the role of the chairmen of the council's permanent committees, along with the tremendous efforts made by all Their Excellencies, members of the Shura Council during the past period.