Shura Council Participates in Parliamentary Meeting on Food

22 June 2022

The Shura Council participated today in the 3rd Session of the Parliamentary Dialogue Series: Food, Fragility and Finance, which is organized by the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund via video conference.
The Shura Council was represented by the member of the council HE Badi bin Ali Al-Badi.
During the meeting, the discussions were focused on the impact of global food crisis that afflicts 44 million people in 38 countries worldwide, where the situation was worsened due to COVID-19 pandemic, low income, disruption of supply chains, in addition to the deteriorating situation due to Russia-Ukraine war, which resulted in rising of food prices with roughly 30%, and consequently causing increased pressure on poor families and threatening others with hunger.
The participants in this parliamentary dialogue underscored that this global crisis requires urgent responses and additional support from the part of governments, Parliaments and effective national legislations, in addition to long-term reforms to curb the fragility and the current food crisis.