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Shura Council Holds its 4th, Regular Weekly Meeting

25 November 2019

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The Shura Council held its regular weekly meeting today, under the chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Abdulla bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, Speaker of the Shura Council. 

At the beginning of the session, the Council discussed its draft budget for the fiscal year 2020. The Council then discussed a draft law on the diplomatic and consular corps. The draft bill contains (93) articles and defines the order of ranking the functions of the members of the two corps and the terms of appointment. It also contains a number of articles on diplomatic missions, their areas of competence and matters related to their administration. The draft bill also includes a performance evaluation system in diplomatic and consular corps, their promotions, transfers, deputations, leaves and duties of members of the two corps.

After the debate, the Council decided to refer the draft bill to its Internal and Foreign Affairs Committee for consideration and to submit a report thereon to the Council. The Council also discussed a draft bill regulating medical treatment abroad. The draft bill aims to facilitate the procedures for treating Qatari patients abroad and providing them with the best services.


Under the provisions of the draft bill, the government would treat the Qatari citizens abroad and shall bear the cost of their treatments and other costs, in accordance with the provisions of the draft bill. The treatment of citizens abroad shall be by decision of the competent committee, in cases where appropriate treatment is not available in Qatar, in accordance with the rules and procedures specified by the regulations.

The government shall be responsible for the treatment of students, staff on overseas study missions and their family members who are residing with them abroad and whom they legally support. The Government also bears the costs of treating students studying abroad on their own expenses, provided that the student submits proof of registration for the study. After the discussion, the Council decided to refer the draft bill to its Public Services and Utilities Committee for consideration and for submitting a report thereon to the Council.