Shura Council Participates in Palestine Committee of Arab Parliament Meeting

26 April 2023

The Shura Council has participated in the meeting of the Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament, held in Cairo on Wednesday to prepare for the fourth session within the third session of the Arab Parliament's third legislative term, scheduled on Sunday at the headquarters of the Arab League.

The Arabian Parliament said in a statement that the committee followed up during its meeting on the developments of the Palestinian cause, especially in light of the grave and unprecedented escalation toward the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the occupied Jerusalem since the far-right government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu assumed power at the beginning of this year.

During her speech, HE Member of the Shura Council and member of the Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament Shaikha bint Yousuf Al Jufairi pointed out the Council's stances and statements condemning the repeated incursions by the occupation forces to the Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian cities and camps in the West Bank, and its call on all parliaments and the international community to condemn these aggressions against the Palestinian people and their sanctities.

At the end of its meeting, the committee recommended submitting a draft resolution on the situation developments in Palestine for approval by the Arab Parliament session on Sunday.

The Committee condemned the escalation of aggression by settlers, which targets cities and camps in the West Bank, attacking citizens and their property and burning cities and homes, renewing its support for the Palestinian cause as the first and central cause of the Arabs.

The Committee also strongly condemned the repeated incursions against Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem under the protection of the occupation forces and the occupation governments failure to comply with any previous commitments to calm, which falls under the occupation authorities devotion to the temporal and spatial division of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Judaization of Jerusalem, which represents a flagrant violation of freedom of worship.

The Committee also condemned the Israeli occupation forces' incursions into Jenin, Nablus, and Huwara; attacking citizens; burning of property; and killing and injuring citizens, calling on the international community and the Security Council to provide international protection for the defenseless Palestinian people.

The Committee paid tribute and appreciation to the Arab and Palestinian people for their steadfastness and continuous struggle to regain their land and their inalienable and legitimate rights, foremost of which are the right of return, self-determination, the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the guarantee of the right of return of Palestinian refugees.