The Shura Council highlights Qatar's efforts in achieving food security

26 October 2023

The Shura Council highlighted the efforts of the State of Qatar in the field of achieving food security and its topping of global food security indicators, in the intervention of His Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Abbas Kamal Al Emadi, a member of the Shura Council, in a hearing held by the Standing Committee on Sustainable Development of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, within the work of the 147th General Assembly of the Union. And discussed the topic "Ensuring global food security."

His Excellency pointed to the State of Qatar's investment in developing its food and agricultural policies and infrastructure, its interest in food security research, and its establishment of a fund to sponsor agricultural and food research, as well as intensifying efforts to adapt to climate change and employ renewable energy in the agricultural sector.

His Excellency pointed to the State of Qatar's focus on enhancing national food production, diversifying import sources, and creating a strategic reserve that balances food stocks.

In a related context, and within the same topic, His Excellency noted Qatar’s support for international efforts to secure food for the least developed countries, pointing out in this aspect the suffering of the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip in terms of aggression, a stifling siege, and a great scarcity of food resources, pointing out that this matter necessitates Parliamentarians played a greater role in stopping the aggression against Gaza and quickly allowing food and medical aid to enter the Strip.

He also noted that the State of Qatar is hosting the Horticultural Expo, which represents a global platform for exchanging experiences in the field of modern agricultural techniques and the latest technology in this field, calling on participants to visit this important international forum to learn about the global efforts made to achieve sustainability and food security.