Deputy Speaker of Shura Council Affirms Qatari Women's Role in Development Process

29 January 2023

HE Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al Sulaiti underlined that Qatari women contribute effectively to the development process in the State of Qatar, and assume major roles in the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the strategies emanating from it.
During her participation in the 10th Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians, which was held within the framework of the 17th Session of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States Conference (PUIC) in Algiers, HE the Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council emphasized the great attention paid by the wise leadership of Qatar to promote and advance the role of women to become a real partner in the comprehensive development, noting that Qatari women have achieved a prominent presence in various fields, and have assumed administrative, executive and leadership positions in various sectors.
Her Excellency highlighted HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser's contribution to promoting the role of women in the Qatari society and making them one of the pillars of development in the country.
She affirmed that Qatari women enjoy all their rights, and enjoy the care and attention of the State which has been keen on providing women with educational opportunities from primary stages to postgraduate levels, whether inside or outside the country.
HE Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al Sulaiti also praised the pivotal role of Palestinian women in resisting the occupation and their contributions to supporting the Palestinian cause, stressing the need to provide support and protection for them in light of the injustice and persecution the Palestinian people have been facing.
The 10th Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians discussed the capabilities of women in solving local and regional problems and conflicts, and ways to protect Muslim women and children in areas of occupation and conflicts, especially in Palestine.