UNOCT Deputy Director Highlights to QNA Several Shura Council-Supported Joint Initiatives

30 January 2023

HE Deputy Director of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) Mauro Miedico on Monday hailed the State of Qatar's huge support for the UN's anti-terrorism efforts worldwide.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Miedico said that the support of the State of Qatar and the Shura Council for the UNOCT is tangible evidence of the State of Qatar's international commitment to combat terrorism, hailing the UNOCT as an example of fruitful cooperation with the State of Qatar.

He extended thanks to the State of Qatar and the Shura Council for the many joint initiatives devised to back international efforts to combat terrorism and prevent extremism.

He highlighted the effective international parliamentary participation in the third Counter-Terrorism Coordination Meeting and the Parliamentary Policy Dialogue on border security in the context of counter-terrorism, currently held in Doha, which represents an opportunity for many lawmakers around the world to discuss contributions made by parliaments and their lawmakers to support government efforts in combating terrorism, stressing that participation is a real representation and dialogue for communities, even in remote areas.

HE President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Duarte Pacheco praised the international efforts made by the State of Qatar to combat terrorism and prevent extremism around the world.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the IPU President said that the State of Qatar fights terrorism and supports sustainable development programs, pointing out that Qatar's organization of the third Counter-Terrorism Coordination Meeting and Parliamentary Policy Dialogue on Border Security and Cross Border Cooperation in the Context of Counter-Terrorism in Doha reflects its commitment to combating terrorism and preventing extremism.

He added that the State of Qatar's hosting of the Doha-based UNOCT Program Office on Parliamentary Engagement in Preventing and Countering Terrorism confirms its efforts to combat terrorism.

His Excellency called for coordinating efforts to confront terrorism, which could happen anywhere, therefore, cooperation between parliamentarians is necessary as they represent various councils from Africa to Latin America, Europe and others.

He also called for the importance of evolving development programs to give people hope for a better future in their countries, so that they do not join extremist organizations, noting that underdevelopment in many countries is considered one of the causes of terrorism.

HE Reinhold Lopatka, Chair of the Coordination Mechanism between parliamentary organizations and unions and Vice-President of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA), affirmed his rejection of the burning and tearing of copies of the Holy Quran in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark by extremists, noting that these violations have nothing to do with freedom of speech.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Lopatka said that such current events are unacceptable, and he cannot condone such actions, considering them exaggerated to a great extent, and have nothing to do with the freedom of speech, given that they hurt the feelings of many people, when in fact the limit to freedom of speech is respecting the feelings of others.

Lopatka stated that religions should work to establish peace, and everyone must respect religions, adding that Europe faces issues such as Islamophobia, with it being imperative to ensure that mutual respect for all religions is established around the world, be it Christianity, Judaism or Islam, expressing his personal respect for all religions.

On the other hand, the Chair of the Coordination Mechanism praised the State of Qatar's efforts in countering terrorism worldwide, stressing that Qatar is one of the countries that greatly supports the fight against terrorism.