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Speech of H.E. Ahmed Bin Abdallah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Speaker of the Shura Council

06 November 2018



His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir 

His Highness the father Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa 
Your Excellencies Sheikhs, Ministers and Ambassadors
Ladies and gentlemen,
May, Allah's peace and mercy be upon you,
I and my brothers and sisters, members of the Shura Council are pleased to welcome Your Highness in the Council and to extend to you our deep gratitude and appreciation for your kind inauguration of the Forty-seventh Ordinary Session of the Council, marking a new chapter by which the Council realizes its new achievements by the grace of Allah the Almighty and in the light of your vision, guidance, and by your continued support, and the united efforts of the true-hearted Qatari people. 
With great interest we listened to your sublime speech, which reviewed all events and developments that took place in the country in more than a year and a half of the unjust blockade imposed on us to deprive us our will, to undermine the independence of our decision motivated by greed in our resources and wealth. As well your speech reviewed the main features of our public policy at both internal and external levels at this crucial stage in the history of our beloved country. 
Your speech has stressed, that despite the plots and plans of the treacherous plotters, we by the grace of Allah live on this blessed land in rare form of solidarity that binds between all the layers of our society, representing a unique and strong cohesion that combines the faithful citizens with their rightly guided leadership, and leading to, praises be to Allah, in realization of stability, prosperity and hounor. Despite all the desperate attempts to disrupt our development and progress, the wheel of development in our country has been moving ever faster than it was before the blockade. Moreover, our economy recorded the highest growth rates in the region and wealth has become plentiful everywhere in our country, while the policies and the plans of the blockading countries have retreated.  Allah the Almighty is Just and doesn't accept injustice and treachery. It is He who says: (Evil designs encompasses only their designers).  
Your Highness,
Praise be to Allah that the State of Qatar even under the unjust blockade, didn’t deviate from its established policies rather remained firmly stick to its principles in foreign policy, to its commitments to its international obligations, while striving to defend Arabic and Islamic causes and endeavouring to close their ranks and unite them in face of common regional challenges, to maintain security and stability in the region. The Council supports your stance on the inalienable causes of our nation and in the forefront the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinians who suffer injustice and blockade, and their right to establish their independent state with its capital in the holey Jerusalem. 
Your Highness 
While Your Highness opening today the Forty-seventh Ordinary Session of the Council, let me summarize for you, the achievements of the Council in the previous session. The Council considered all draft bills referred to it by the esteemed Cabinet and submitted its recommendation thereon to the Cabinet.
Along with these intense activities in the area of legislation, the Council discussed a number of proposals and suggestions with the desire and considered issues for general debate, wherein transparent atmosphere, good faith, chastity of tongue and truth overwhelmed. The Council also invited the Prime Minister and a number of their Excellencies ministers and officials from various Government departments to answer the queries of members of the Council on questions within the scope of their powers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank His Excellency the Prime Minister, and their Excellencies, the ministers and the officials for their cooperation with the Council and for their response to its wishes. We in the Council work according to an important principle, which we consider it one of the fundamentals of the work in the Council, namely, coordination between the Council and the Government, as we all work to serve our country and citizens under your wisely guided leadership, may Allah protect you. 
We have sensed the importance of strengthening communication between the Council and the citizens, seeking their feedback about the draft laws and regulations before the Council for deliberations. The Council is currently reexamining its systems and structures to develop ideas, methods and means to enhance this relationship between the Council and the citizens. 
Your Highness,
 The Council continued its efforts in the field of parliamentary diplomacy and its foreign relations. The efforts resulted in achieving considerable accomplishments in promoting parliamentary relations with parliaments in various countries around the world. This enabled the Council to draw support of various parliaments of the world to the position of the State of Qatar on the unjust blockade crisis and their praise for wisdom of your wise leadership on the crisis. The efforts also drew their support to your Highness’s call, for an international conference to regularize the use of digital technology and Informatics in accordance with an international law that regulates their uses. This was reflected in the final statement of the European and Asian Parliaments Meeting held recently in Turkey.
The efforts of the Council were also continued in the sphere of the parliamentary diplomacy whereby number of parliamentary delegations visited the Council and number of delegations were met at regional and the international parliamentary conferences, the latest of which was the Meeting of the Governing Council and the General Assembly of the IPU, held recently in Geneva last October, which decided to hold its next 140th, session in the State of Qatar in April 2019. 
Hosting of this important conference by our country is an evidence of the confidence of the international community in the State of Qatar under the leadership of Your Highness, your wise policy and the distinct position and the effective role Qatar plays in maintenance of peace and stability in the region and the world in general. 
Our enormous responsibilities towards our homeland compel us to ensure Your Highness that we in the Council to implore Allah the Almighty help us and bestow on us His continuous success and to make our endeavours in this regards a positive asset added to our achievements in the past session of the Council. 
I here would like to express my thanks and appreciation to my brothers and sisters the member of the Council, who exerted efforts in the work of Council and in its various committees to contribute to formulating the future for Qatar and the Qataris and achieve renaissance and the sublime objectives of our country.

Your Highness
We renew the allegiance and loyalty to Your Highness as Emir and the leader of our revival and development, confirming to Your Highness our determination to redouble our efforts for development of our country. We pray to Allah the Almighty to protect our beloved country and to perpetuate His bounty and generosity, and to achieve under your leadership what all of us aspire and hope
Allah Hears and Responses. 
May Allah bless our homeland and endow it with pride and glory under your leadership.
May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon you.