Statement of H. E. the Speaker of the Shura Council on Qatar’s National Day

10 December 2018

H.E. Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud, the Speaker of the Shura Council stressed that our celebration with the national day of the State of Qatar, this year, gains new meanings in the backdrop of the great achievements our country is realizing internally and externally, under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir, and due to his guidance and rational policies.

His Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council said in an exclusive interview to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the national day comes while the country is moving on the path of development and construction and is marching in wide strides and firm steps towards the future relying on the awareness of our loyal people, on their creativity and innovation and ability to face challenges with determination,  firmness, perseverance  and confidence, while rallying around the leader of our march and standing behind him in one line with a unified will.

His Excellency further added that we are happy on this glorious national occasion to recall and cherish with pride the legacies and sacrifices of the Founder Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohamed Bin Thani, (may Allah’s mercy be upon him), who laid the foundations of our modern country, set the bases for its construction and renaissance and maintained its sovereignty and the dignity of its people. He made the beloved Qatar a unified, coherent and independent country, which its enemies dread, and which embraces the sisterly and friendly countries, rescues the needy, respects the neighbourhood and adheres to the values, morals and principles.
His Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council stressed that this great heritage was one of the main sources of our ability to overcome many challenges experienced by our country, at the forefront comes of course this unjust blockade, with all its flagrant violations of international law, of humanitarian norms, of the Islamic teachings, and its disrespect to all means of the basic rights of neighborliness, kinship and the fundamental Arabic values.
His Excellency said that when we, with all pride, recall the past glories, we at the same time cherish with all appreciation the present successes achieved by the grace of Allah, with the wisdom, guidance and policies of our leadership, as our country has become in a short span of time one of the beacons of development, progress and advancement, not only in the region, but also in the world over. It suffices us to point out to these giant projects in front of us some of which has already been completed and some others being completed, within the Qatar National Development Strategy, the Qatar National Vision 2030, and according to the drawn up plans, which are being executed with precision and discipline, despite the unjust blockade and malicious campaigns. It also suffices us to point out to the prestigious and distinct position, which our country enjoys, regionally and internationally, represented in the close ties and strong friendships it maintains with countries around the world, based on trust, mutual respect, common interests, non-interference in internal affairs, and mutual keenness to observe security and ensure peace and stability in the region and the world.

His Excellency the Speaker of the Council added that in this glorious occasion I assure of the keenness of the Shura Council to keep up with the fast pace of the wheel of economic, political and social development in the country, by deeply and thoroughly studying the draft laws and the legislations that presented to the Council, by submitting to the esteemed Government the appropriate recommendations thereon, as well as by maintaining close and constructive cooperation with it; by responding to the expectations and aspirations of the citizens, and by according the due care and consideration to their concerns and finding solutions to them.

His Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council hailed the choosing of the first part of a verse of a poem by the founder of modern Qatar as a logo chosen for this year's national day saying: " Oh, as long as it has been adorned by our actions” in addition to its accompanying logo" Qatar will remain free”. He said that the logo has come in tune, harmony and consistency with the speech of His Highness the Emir at the opening of the current forty-seventh regular session of the Shura Council. His Highness focused, in his above said sublime speech, on good morals and the need to adhere to them in all our actions, as well as on humility, on having sense of duty, accountability, and on holding high estimate the value of work. All these are good deeds that mentioned by the founder of modern Qatar in his poems.

His Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council concluded his statement to the Agency by calling all sons of this land to make the celebration of the national day as an occasion to inspire good meanings and lofty goals for which the founder of modern Qatar defended and for which our grandparents and parents sacrificed, as well as making it an occasion for renewing commitment and loyalty to His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir, as the leader of our advancement and as motivator and incentive for realizing further developments, constructions, liberality, progress and advancement for the beloved Qatar.