Shura Council Speaker: National Day Represents Celebration of Achievements and Promising Future

16 December 2019

HE Speaker of the Shura Council Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud emphasized that the celebration of the National Day represents a celebration of the glories of our pasts, the achievements of our present and the potential of our future which promises further prosperity and development under the wise leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

HE said, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of the National Day, that our celebration of this glorious occasion acquires a new meaning every year in light of this country's continuous achievements and the successes of its people in various fields with the help of God and under the guidance of HH the Amir and the solidarity of all state agencies and the efforts of Qatar's loyal citizens and residents. He added that on this occasion we recall and follow the principles and values established by the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammad bin Thani.

HE stated it was fortunate that the speech of HH the Amir at opening of the 48th ordinary session of the Shura Council came as we began celebrating the National Day, adding that the speech carried many important contents and lofty meanings and clearly illustrate the features of the next phase. He pointed out that the meeting between HH the Amir and Speaker and members of the Shura Council added new dimensions to the Shura approach, as there are no barriers between the leader and his people, but rather it is one coherent family that is dominated by love and understanding and united by loyalty and the constant eagerness to develop Qatar.

HE praised the slogan of the National Day for this year, and stressed that it highlighted the extent of harmony between our glorious past and bright present. He added that the meanings and values included in the poems of the Founder are the same meanings and values that our country and policy were based on. They also influence our curricular, plans and programs in the various areas of development, as knowledge is the foundation of the renaissance and ethics are the pillar of our Qatari family and society, while the youth are the force that builds, protects and creates the future.

HE added that through high patriotic spirit and the determination and solidarity of all people of the country, we were able to overcome the effects of the unjust blockade imposed on the country and look to the future while we are more confident, determined and steadfast on the righteous path.

HE concluded by affirming that our loyalty to the Founder's history and the sacrifices of our ancestors will only be real through working hard for the country, emphasizing the importance that every citizen performs his duties and obligations with honesty, impartiality and responsibility. He added that working hard and making the celebrations an incentive and motive to work for our country is the way to give the National Day its true meaning.