Shura Council Speaker: legal insurance and military retirement laws Provide Decent Living and Reflect Appreciation of Rational Leadership

19 April 2022

 HE Speaker of the Shura Council Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Ghanim confirmed the legal insurance and military retirement laws, which HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani - May God Protect Him - issued today, would expand insurance coverage for this social group of Qatari nationals and provide and secure social protection for them and their families .

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on this occasion,HE Al-Ghanim pointed out that the two laws would build an effective social protection system for retired citizens, and meet their aspirations in a way that guarantees a decent living standard which the rational leadership is keen to constantly secure during their career and beyond. They also embody the appreciation of the rational leadership of retirees and their role in the development of their country in the various positions and posts they held before, pointing out that the two laws contain many vital advantages that respond to the aspirations of retirees.

HE Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Ghanim added that the two new retirement laws affect an important segment of the Qatari society that has done a lot for its country, and imply the wise leadership's appreciation of its role during its tenure, and its great developmental contributions to its advancement.

He reviewed the economic and social dimensions of the two laws in response to the concerns of Qatari retirees, and the global challenges in these areas.

HE Al-Ghanim stressed that the Shura Council gave all the time to study the two mentioned laws in complete harmony with the esteemed government, while taking into account the conditions of retirees, and the need to provide a decent living for them and their families.

He praised the efforts of the council, represented by the joint committee formed by the Shura Council's Legal and Legislative Affairs, and Financial and Economic Affairs Committees, in studying the two draft laws on social insurance and military retirement, which presented its views and visualizations about the articles of the two draft laws, and the extent to which they meet the aspirations of citizens to ensure a decent living for retirees.