Shura Council Partakes in Parliamentary Dialogue Forum of Senates and Equivalent Councils of Africa, Arab World, Latin America, Caribbean

04 March 2022

The Shura Council participated Friday in the "Forum of South-South Parliamentary Dialogue" of Senates and Equivalent Councils of Africa, the Arab World, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as part of the 11th Congress of Association of Senates, Shoora, and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World (ASSECAA).
HE Shura Council Member Mohammed bin Fahad Al Mesallam chaired the Shura Council's delegation to the forum.
The forum sessions discussed the role of Senates, Shura Councils, and Equivalent Councils in promoting South-South cooperation, the reality and prospects of trade and economic exchanges between Africa, the Arab world, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and the role of these councils in achieving climate and health justice, in the presence of more than 31 countries representing the three geopolitical groups, and under the supervision of regional parliamentary associations.
Speaking at the forum, HE Mohammed bin Fahad Al Mesallam pointed out the importance of awareness of the investment opportunities of the countries of the South, noting the role of parliamentarians in urging governments and raising awareness of the importance of trade exchange between the countries of the South.
Al Mesallam drew attention to the keenness and interest of the State of Qatar to open up to Africa and consolidate means of cooperation and communication to enhance opportunities for economic cooperation and develop South-South relations, reviewing Qatar's efforts to achieve cooperation among developing countries, believing in multilateral action.
Moreover, HE Ahmed bin Sultan Al Aseeri, a member of the Shura Council, participated in the meeting of the financial committee of the congress, where he was elected chairman of the committee.
During its meeting, the committee discussed several items on the congress' agenda that were approved, as well as a number of proposals submitted to the congress.
On the sidelines of the participation in the congress, the Shura Council delegation met separately with HE President of the House of Councillors of the Kingdom of Morocco Naam Miyara and HE First Deputy Chairman of the High Council of State of Libya Dr. Masoud Abdel Salam Obeid. During the two meetings, they reviewed the existing parliamentary relations between the State of Qatar and each of Morocco and Libya and ways to strengthen and develop them.
In the final statement, the conferees affirmed their support for the efforts of the State of Qatar to organize the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as the event is a source of pride, not only for the State of Qatar but for all ASSECAA members.
Also, the statement stressed the importance of revitalizing cooperation in various fields between the Arab and African regions, especially in the development, economic, and trade fields, noting that the post-COVID-19 pandemic requires the emergence of a new generation of cooperation initiatives. It underlined the importance of giving a new impetus to the implementation of sustainable development goals in the Arab and African regions.
Furthermore, the conferees stressed the importance of exchanging experiences and practices to develop Arab-African cooperation to contribute to enhancing strategic security.
The congress condemned all forms of terrorism to which the Arab and African regions are exposed, calling for participation in international efforts to end all manifestations of recruitment and use of children in armed conflicts.