Shura Council Participates in Preparatory Committee of Arab Parliament's 5th Congress in Cairo

08 February 2023

The Shura Council is participating in the meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the 5th Congress of the Arab Parliament and Speakers of Arab Assemblies and Parliaments, which is set to be held in Cairo on Saturday.
The meetings, which started Wednesday and will conclude on Thursday, address the congress' draft document regarding the parliamentary vision to achieve Arabian food security, which is scheduled to be submitted to the 5th Congress for discussion and adoption by the heads of councils and parliaments.
In this regard, HE member of the Shura Council Badi bin Ali Al Badi, the Shura Council representative during the meetings, reviewed the State of Qatar's pioneering experience in the food security field, calling on the Arab Parliament to use that experience along with other relevant Gulf experiences as a reference.
The conference addresses the most prominent challenges and threats facing the Arab countries in the food security issue and the role that parliamentarians can play in this regard. In addition, the conference will address issues of instability and the continuation of crises and conflicts in some countries in the Arab world.
The conference will also discuss the repercussions of the current international crises, climate change impacts on Arab food security, and challenges of population increase in that regard.
The draft document will include ways to achieve Arab food security and the role that parliamentarians can play in promoting these efforts.